Happy Birthday Kevin Biggers!

Monday, February 28, 2011

I don't do too many birthday shout outs but this one (Kevin Biggers) definitely deserves one.

a few things fun facts about kevin:
  • ex boyfriend turned best friend
  • has a high pitched squeal when tickled or touches hot things (that's what she said playaaaa whut!)
  • so into stripes he reserves a section in his closet for striped shirts he's so into stripes
  • likes to fall asleep when watching tv:
  • responsible for making fridays enjoyable with his thursday night comedy gif recap emails
  • he cooks a mean pork chop in pomegranate vinaigrette reduction (too soon?)
  • my muse for clink & literary fort
  • semi-closeted little spoon

so cheers to kevin for being.
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