2011 Calendar Giveaway & Contest!

Monday, December 27, 2010

To celebrate the end of a wonderful, eventful year & the coming of a new one, I'm giving away two 2011 calendars by le petit elefant & {paper & type}!
The Contest:
Submit a story (100 word limit) to inspire a new painting. Be creative, playful & imaginative! There's only one catch: the story must include 'a balloon' in some way, shape or form. Limit one entry per person. You may submit via blogpost comment or email genevieve(at)lepetitelefant.com.
The Winners: One will be chosen at random. The second winner will be the author of my favorite entry and will not only win a calendar but a print of the finished, collaborative painting. It's a great way to win a custom painting!
So start writing! The contest/giveaway ends at 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, December 29th with the winners announced on Thursday. Have fun & good luck! :)

1 comment:

CoachMc said...

Helium and Heaven

“Gramps, do balloons go to heaven?” Wondering what prompted the question; a unique one, even for Dylan; Scott looked up and saw the first tear falling.

“I let go by accident,” the boy said, pointing skyward, “and I can’t see it anymore. Is it in heaven?”

Remembering a similar situation many years ago, involving Dylan’s father and a family pet, Scott replied, “Well D-man, I couldn’t say, but I know someone we can ask.”

As he bowed his head and began asking God to let them know about the destination of lost balloons, Dylan’s watery eyes began to dry.

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