Princess & the Frog

Monday, February 15, 2010

I finally watched it after waiting SOOOO long for it to come to the Philippines. I found it cute and an interesting twist to the story. I definitely enjoyed the music (Ne-Yo WHUT!!) but was disappointed it didn't seem to improve upon the Disney-animated musical formula. Meet the Robinsons and Enchanted, for example surprised me with how heart-warming & funny they were. This one... didn't. It did make me very happy to see the name of a friend-of-a-friend-but-I-do-actually-know-him in the credits as an animator (or was it an in-betweener?). Anyway! Hoorah! Props to Jules :).

I also find it interesting that I was disappointed in how they fell in love, for the same reasons I hated the ending of Garden State. Such a cop out to use falling in love with someone as the answer to your issues of self-doubt, self-sufficiency & balance. PUH! Haha, I may be looking into too much but still, don't teach kids that! They gotta stick it out!

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