The Henson Stitch

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've been listening to the "how muppets work" podcast from how stuff works... FASCINATING! So many interesting facts about how they make the muppets, Frank Oz & Jim Henson's start, how many people it takes to operate a muppet, tricks about where they place the pupils, etc. It makes me want to make puppets! Apparently there's a stitch called the Henson Stitch so for all you seamsters out there... here's a video tutorial. Don't mind the guy's dorky enthusiasm and camera shot fails. I found it very enlightening, even the bit about putting your thread in wax to avoid knots! GENIUS! I'm also very curious about this antron fleece. Sounds so faaaancy! Ok, geekout fest 2010 over haha :)

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