Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've been listening to Jonsi's solo album on repeat and thinking a lot about surrendering to the present. The combination of the two has stirred old memories and I just wanted to let it out into the universe. I try to be present but these memories keep pushing their way to the surface!

I fondly remember/miss/would like to repeat (in no particular order):
  • singing along to sigur ros in the car with kevin, bruce & victo (lalalalalala... oo oooh)
  • making short films with james
  • saying the same thing at the same time as bina and freaking out after it happened
  • sexy time & sharing sooooo many feeeelings with sandeep
  • sitting on the steps of union square, eating a trader joe's dinner with rich
  • reading my yogi tea fortunes at yogaworks before each class
  • eating watermelon halves with a spoon in my office
  • talking to david the security guy at new line
  • hopping into arun's car to grab lunch
  • hugging daniele & sighing/giggling with happiness
  • crafting with my coeterie
  • using sandeep's pressure cooker (lol)
  • listening to kevin's "mix cds" in the car
  • taking naps sandwiched between monkey & james
  • calling spec & mitchell for a morning coffee bean run
  • laughing about how that's sandeep's side of the bed (the joke never gets old)
  • realizing that deep, sandeep & i lost afshin to the pool table yet again
  • listening to rich flow while we both worked
  • brx tv marathons until the sun came up
  • frantically searching stacy's desk for her wacom pen
  • taking the chuchos out for a walk
  • the smell of ben & jerry's ice cream
wow, sandeep. you're in there a lot! i must reaaaally miss you! :) mmm, ok. i feel better.

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