Oh Tokyo!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

So pretty so lovely and so much like New York City but just in Asia! I could move here in a heartbeat (assuming that money/work was a non-issue :). I'm loving the hanami parties and the open bottle deal in the parks all in the name of cherry blossoms. I love that for the first time traveling, I'm not overly cautious about my belongings. I love that I'd probably have to go out of my way to find terrible food, and the people are amazingly sweet. My sketchbook is filling up quick and I wish I could throw some pictures to add some color to this post. Ya'll will just have to wait!

I've sipped on sake & beer for hanami, went clubbing, karaoked, and discovered random dj sets throughout a park (so wild!!). I'm still in Tokyo and have met so many interesting characters and DAMN, it feels good to play the your team game with someone again! Hahaha Lino has so many team members now! Anyway, off to buy ridiculous clothes. PEACE!

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