New York City

Sunday, May 23, 2010

This past week has felt sooo good. I feel so at home here... in a way that is different than before. I think traveling has strengthened me in a way that makes this city unintimidating. Instead I find its pace & rush just right. I know where and how to find the calm & not get lost in the pressures.

When I considered moving to NYC, Sandeep convinced me by saying: If you have it in you to live in this city, do. I used to think handling the pace & taking advantage of what the city has to offer was a fleeting moment of time in my youth. But it's not about that. It's not about the opportunities or the distractions. It's about something so basic: survival. People tend to inherently know in their gut if they can or can't live here. It's yes or no... so instinctive & from the gut. It's about keeping your head about you, staying focused & leveled while you enjoy the life here.

It clicked for me... I will always have it in me to live here. It's not about timing, raising or not raising a family, or work. It's about ability & because of how I've grown from the recent travels, I will always be able. That's a really good feeling.

Take that, New York!

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