O, Oklahoma!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Right. Forgot to mention that little fact... I'm in Oklahoma City! A short (er, more or less month-long) pit stop between NYC & California. It actually is much cooler than y'all would think... I mean, cheap vintage clothing, fried okra & southern hospitality?! Sign me up! I'm also starting to develop a slight OK twang. WEIRD.

So top three reasons why I visited OKC:

#1: mr. james varnum
seen shaking (with great seriousness!) a plastic bag for our homemade, old school, vanilla ice cream as instructed by these kids:
#2: little miss monkey
#3: Wayne Coyne
well, that's his house, but whatever. still really AWESOME!

I visited Tri's family's restaurant, BANG, in Moore, Oklahoma. SO GOOD. Seriously. I can't even get my mouth around the burger it's so tasty. Solid fried okra & fried chicken. And his parents are just about the sweetest pair ever.
Cute store called Wild Flower in a nifty retail space (James helped make the drawings).
Pit stop to play a mean game of tic tac toe along our walk. Walking isn't too common amongst Oklahomians but James & I have made it a daily must.

I like this city. I like traveling :)

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