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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I talked to my friend Ravi when I was in SF and he said something interesting:

"If you think life is something with an end destination rather than a journey, you're in for disappointment."

I completely agree. There's no such thing as putting life on hold, hitting the pause button on people and the relationships around you as you try to figure out life. You'll never get it. The moment you think you understand how it works or what the future will hold, the gears screech to a halt, something snaps, you've lost your way. You have to regroup, reexamine, and alter your course. At least that's the kind of life I want & welcome--it makes me grow. I've come across enough snags & forks in the road to understand that whatever happens on your journey, whether it be backtracking, slowing down, or walking into a situation blindly, you'll come out alive & with the right attitude, a better person.

Knowing this has helped me a great deal in trying to keep my head up as an artist. It's sooo difficult making a living from art, but I wouldn't change it for all the financial stability a day job could bring. Perhaps to some, living moment to moment may not be the most ideal business strategy, but I think there's a difference between being future-oriented and goal-oriented. I have my intentions for my business, and they keep me grounded as everything around me shifts.

Being an artist is a process, and making a business of your art is a whole different adventure altogether. Oh brother, what a world! :)

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