LA I love you and the only thing bringing me down is leaving you, part 1

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I love LA & will take any excuse to drive down & visit. So this road trip was justified by
plush deliveries
and the showcase at Flockshop:
If you can think of any for the month of September, let me know :)

So.... Road Trip with Afshin!!
Afshin's first time pumping gas in ages! Had to capture the moment.
After 6 hours of driving, we made it & stopped at scoops. So good.Afshin & I parted ways. He chilled in Ktown with his friend while I watched Scott Pilgrim. You can see Biggers waiting in line. What a champ!We regrouped later at Red Lion, met with Mary & his friend Margaret, then traveled to Graham's & M&A. Apparently I'm still competitive at scrabble when it's speed scrabble & points-less. So silly.

I'll post pictures of the evening later... I must dash to a business meeting with Victoria (reason #3 for visiting!)

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