The Sketchbook Project

Monday, August 02, 2010

I believe in the persuasive power of the universe. A friend told me about this project called The Sketchbook Project. You basically buy a sketchbook that will later go on tour around the US for people to check out. At the end of the tour, it'll stay at the Brooklyn Art Library. Pretty sweet, but I didn't sign up. Then another friend emailed me about it... filled out the forms and everything, but hesitated and failed to hit OK. Then, a third friend, someone who I don't speak with often posted the link to it on my fb. I took the hint & signed up.

I let the computer pick a theme for me and whaddya know... it chose "in flight." How very fitting. While a lot of people get ambitious about the whole bit, I guess I want to keep it true to my usual sketchbooks, filled with trees, notes on my travels and sketches of funny looking people. I've stopped sketching so it's a good excuse to draw again.

And thus begins my documentation/blogging:
Oh, and here's a video about it:

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