Meet David Shannon!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I got to Hicklebee's and found a sea of babies!
David Shannon was actually quite hilarious. He read his latest book, 'It's Christmas, David!' to the crowd.
He then drew David & broke it down for everyone with a little story. The jagged teeth are based on his childhood friend's yellow, ugly teeth. His nose is a crooked triangle because he broke his nose 5 times. My favorite: the left nostril is bigger because he's left handed (nose-picking... chuckle chuckle :)
David: what accessory could we give David?
Everyone: A HAT!!
Small voice from the crowd: Awww, I was gonna say ornaments for earrings.
David: No crossdressing, David!
Here's a lil video I took of him explaining where he gets ideas for his books :)

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