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Saturday, October 09, 2010

On a non-Oliver Jeffers note, here are misc. pics I meant to upload but never found a unifying topic besides... really amazing times in September! So I present you with:


Jessica to Rich: You should do a jumping picture in front of the Hawaiian flag. Pleaaaase!
Bob: Excellent idea. It'll be even better after we eat all this Hawaiian food.
Jessica: Ok, I'm ready! No... wait!
Rich: C'mon guys! You're taking too long! UGH!
Rich: Ready??? READY?!?! (matching outfit totally [un]intentional)
WHOOPSH! (iphone fail, not a b fail. it was a very successful jump)
Yay baby Lucas & le petit elefant. He's HUGE! (the baby, not the ele)
This guy was ooooooold & getting down with every girl he could at the Do-Over. I'm totally guilty of dancing with him, but that is NOT my set of legs.
silliness w Victo & Bruce (via Bruce)
oh hi!

1 comment:

Bob said...

haha i think that is the worst pic of Jess and I, but I love it. I actually think the picture of rich jumping is cool, its like he is teleporting and you got him midway..ooooo

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