Oliver Jeffers Contest: Key Frame Fun!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Let's get this party started!! :D

I usually write in my journal in the morning, but I think I'll do it here instead:

I can't even describe how giddy animating makes me. It's been yeaaars since I've made anything. The last time I used a lightbox was more than a year ago to collabcreate with Rich on a project. Before that... I can't even remember. I think a workshop at Nucleus. I remember enjoying the workshop but also thinking, I don't want to do this for a living. Now, it feels like home. Muscle memory is on my side.

Sometime while I was storyboarding yesterday, the focus shifted from trying to win the contest to just animating a short again for me rather than an awesome trip to London to meet my children's book writer/illustrator hero/role model/best ever, Oliver Jeffers. Yeah. I mean, that would be cool. But I'm just as happy making.

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amyy said...

Being "just as happy making" is what will ensure your success. You've got it right! And I wouldn't be surprised if you win the whole dang thing! You have everything it takes woman and your positivity and kindness doesn't hurt anything either. :)

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