The Creative Process

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I noticed while chatting with my traveling little sister that I have for some time now stopped reading & writing about the creative process. I mostly write about my gratitude for friends, adventures in LA, marketing strategies, goals, and custom orders. I've stopped caring about what other people have to say about how to spend your time, how to be a successful freelancer, how to stay focused, etc. I think in the years spent gathering all the information in the world regarding the creative process, I noticed it was same information over and over again. And I realized that reading analytical text about a very gutteral experience is just pointless. Sure, it warns you of what you're getting in to, but like anything, no amount of preparation can help you if you're really going to dive in head first. I'm glad I didn't read stuff like the 40 hour work week because I now find I didn't need to, because I lived it by doing and making mistakes. **Oh, I forgot to add that I didn't have to read it because my friend quoted it at least every other time we spoke hehe.

From an interview with David Horvath:

Did you ever go out and actively ask people

for help and advice?

I realized when I was much younger, after calling

up Gary Baseman for some very good advice,

that I was getting great advice on how to do

things a way they had already been done.

The best advice I can give is to get as much input

as you can, and then don’t follow any of it.

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