Hercules's Craft Bazaar Day 2

Saturday, December 04, 2010

You know you're doing something right when customers return the day after for more. It's also amazing when you realize you have a following, & not in the google buzz or twitter sense, or amongst your friends because that only partially counts. I don't know... It's all very encouraging and reaffirming that I'm gold pursuing this art thing.
I think the most heartwarming sale of the day was to a woman who purchased a print of Literary Fort. She told me it reminded her of her kids when they were little because they loved to read all the time. She said she'd frame it over her sewing machine to inspire her & remind her of her kids :) . I packaged the print & as she walked away, I asked her how old her kids are now. "21 & 26... one's graduating from UCLA this year..." There was a tinge of sadness & nostalgia in her voice, and I felt so... I don't know... privileged? appreciative? that something I painted in a way penetrated a very intimate memory for her.
Overall, the day was slow, which only meant I worked while I worked :)
Yep. That's Mr. & Mrs. Claus making the rounds, handing out candy canes. Yum! My first one of the season.

It was a great two days of vending, and a good way of quietly testing the waters before the big weekend in SF. I have a lot of Bazaar Bizarre preparation to do so.... BYE! :)

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