Saturday, January 22, 2011

I visited LACMA again to drop off a few orders (yay!) & lingered to eat my lunch & work a little.
While there I chatted with Seymour, a mid-70s gentleman spending the day with Lola, his 3 year old granddaughter. We talked about books, traveling and his disinterest with visiting India. He shared something he recently read: You should ignore the ego. It prevents you from living in the present moment. We then started talking about its meaning & importance. There was something grandfatherly in how he cracked cheesy jokes & professor-ly in how he recited quotations verbatim but stumbled when it came to who said it. We chatted about yoga, which scares him but he still does it every day. He left me with a knee-slapping joke that was just about the cherry on top of the sundae.

After talking with Seymour, I volunteered to take a picture of two older Korean tourists. One really didn't want me to and the other was incredibly excited about it. He threw his hat at his friend with a grunt and pulled him to a picturesque spot with the LACMA lawn behind him (why he didn't pick the lamps is beyond me). I took the picture and they returned to me asking where I was from. I said I was Filipino. The crankier old man immediately relaxed and started listing off every famous Filipino he knew starting with Corazon Acquino. No mention of Manny. Dang.
H is for hungry. CSA carrots were gold.

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