Patrick Dougherty

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I LOVE LOVE love this sculptor. I rediscovered his work while perusing through Paxton Gate in SF. I wasn't going to blog about him until I mentioned him to Kevin who told me HE'S WORKED WITH HIM. When Kevin & I started dating, I remember him going to the arboretum in Arcadia to do 'work.' I had noooo idea it was to help Patrick Dougherty with an installation. Man... the points he could have earned if he mentioned that little detail. ANYWAY! I just love that Mr. Dougherty only uses tree saplings (no glue or nails), weaving in and out to create whimsy, swirling forms. Gahhh... I want to go to there.
nyt described him as 'an ebullient and rapid speaker whose sentences unfurl and coil around one another like vines.' Kevin's response:

Kevin: hahaha cool description, ny times! as i was talking to him i was like 'WHAT VINE LIKE SENTENCES!'

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Anonymous said...

One word. . .INCREDIBLE!!!!

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