Maker Faire 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm trying to understand what made this fair 130849230842081309482048 times better than any other fair. I think it has everything to do with the people--the attendees & fellow makers, crafters, and innovators. Every participant and attendee came with a pre-existing appreciation and respect for DIY, and came because of this appreciation. It wasn't to find a cool gift for their friend, or a sweet handmade t-shirt. And every vendor was of the highest skill, quality and caliber. It was definitely an honor to be amongst the hundreds of makers & vendors. Really. An honor :)
I knew they expected 80,000 in attendance but honestly, I didn't know what that meant until it was 12:30pm and people were squeezing their way through the aisles. It was awesome!
nearing the bottom of the bin
closing up shop

I had quite a few favorite moments:
  • Met three amazingly clever and chatty kids who wanted to email me their own drawings. Devon, Kalia, and Ian (sorry if I misspelled), I was serious when I said I'd do a drawing exchange! We can be drawing pen pals! Email me :)
  • the little girl who went through each painting telling her mom an improvised tale
  • the clink doppelgangers(!!!!!!):
  • the woman who requested the 'love of my life' tin can card & sent her friend on a mission to distract her girlfriend at a neighboring booth while I made the card
  • kids digging through the trunk in search of the few elephants with eyes
  • Kevin telling customers I had stepped out but that I look like her, pointing to the cardboard sign
  • oh, and this email: "I just wanted to tell you that when I asked my daughter what her favorite part of the Maker Faire was this year she said seeing your work :) It was one of my favorite parts too."
Warm fuzziness all around. I will definitely apply for next year :)


paper and type said...


Rene_Bakewell said...

If only this Faire didn't take place on the other side of the country, I would've LOVED to "Sift through & find a friend!!" Keep touring! The East Coast needs a visit from le petit elefant!

genevieve said...

Rene! NYC is my next stop :) I'll be vending at Brooklyn Flea on June 4th. I would love love love to see you and catch up :)

Preetha said...

Genevieve, you're an inspiration! great write-ups on the fair, i cant believe i missed it even though i live so close!

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