Treasure Island Flea

Monday, May 30, 2011

Victoria of Paper & Type and I did some serious adventuring Saturday. We dropped by Modern Mouse to replenish inventory (aka YES! P&T is now at Modern Mouse!) & headed to the first Treasure Island Flea!
It was to do research on whether or not this was something we wanted to do in the future.
VVVVVV letter press letters. Too perfect.
It looks like this is the pic Victo took but it's not :)
We both walked away with goodies from Cisco of Restore & Rework. Victo found an addition to her collection of etiquette books and I found a wire basket for my booth. It was hard to walk away--he curates his antique finds very very well. Look for him in fleas scattered throughout the Bay.
I loved the look of these giant letters scattered on the concrete.The view from the flea!
Oh, & most importantly... there was a free photobooth ;)

I think you shall see us there vending at some point this summer/fall!


zakka nouveau said...

love this post!! :) looks like it was a grand day at the flea~

ij said...

Nice to see some pics. The local news stations checked out the flea market this weekend and it looked kinda interesting. I want to make it out there to see what it's like. Looks a bit similar but not quite the same as the antique flea market in Alameda.

My mom pointed it out to me saying I should go sell there. Ha, I said I don't have a car there since it's not the easiest place to access. So she said to get my boyfriend to take me. Haha.

How was the parking there? Do you know if people took the bus too?

Madame Flea said...

There is plenty of FREE parking & Yes plenty of people took the bus! Runs every hour on the weekend. So come out June 25-26 9am - 4pm to enjoy Treasure Hunting @ the Treasure Island Flea ~ Angie

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