New Stampssssss!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Two for me, one for Victo. I feel so official now.


Hurley Sashimi said...

Aaaak! I love them! I've been looking for the right wooden stamp for my little biz, too! Would you mind sharing where you got them?

- Dianne

P.S. We met at Maker Faire this year. :) I'm one of Vee's friends. I crochet stuff.

genevieve said...

Hello hello Dianne! I do remember you! :)

Will you be vending at Filmore Art Walk this Friday, too? At the very least, stop by & say hello!

Regarding the stamp, I ordered them from They're quick & have great service. High quality stuff.

Miss Ngo said...

super cute, genevieve!!!

Hurley Sashimi said...

Thanks so much!

Bummed that I missed you two at Fillmore Art Walk on Friday. I was in Reno with my fambam. I hope you had a blast (and made some cold hard cash, too)!

- Dianne

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