Wedding Card for Ariane

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A wedding card I made for Ariane to give to her sister the bride :)

My instructions were to include the couple, two geese, a cat & chicks, and to make it colorful & fun. So to prevent it from being too cramped, I spread the illustration all the way to the back :) Tada!


I'm slowly getting through all my painting custom orders... please have patience if you're still waiting. There's quite the queue! I'm averaging one a day. Not too shabby imo.


:: said...

OMG, you are on a roll! These custom orders are all so amazing! Don't forget about mine... I hope I'm still in the cue!

genevieve said...

I should although I'm not sure which one you are!

Ariane said...

Dear Genevieve,
I finally received my card today and I love it. I think my sister will be amazed.

genevieve said...


That's wonderful! I'm so glad. Congratulations to your sister and thank you again for approaching me to work with you on such a personal project :)


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