Creative Block on a Friday

Friday, September 09, 2011

I was told that when one is faced with a creative block... CLEAN! So I did :) I finally put up that Mary Blair print from Disneyland, and found a lovely home for the fabric hoop art I made last night at Modern Mouse's monthly crafty hour. I then took the ugly cork squares from Office Depot and covered them with pretty fabric.
I was also told by another to find inspiration in other people's work. Done. Books spilled about everywhere on my bed. Sketchbook open. Pencil in hand. Now I'm ready to work!


Keiko / Small Adventure said...

Awesome that you have Chris Ware's work. I have that book too. It's an incredible and insanely beautiful project.

genevieve said...

Indeed! That man knows how to infographic and draw and everything! :)

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