Mr. W

Sunday, September 18, 2011



Randi said...

Love it!!!

Here are some facts about Mr. "W":

What would we do with out the letter "w"?
What a wonderful, weird, and wild letter -
It deserves a mascot that is equally wacky and witty.
Please meet Mr. W - a special gift made just for you. Made for double-you!
He is very curious - his favorite questions are : Who? What? When? Where? Why?
His best friend is Mr. "M", but they are opposites and disagree on everything.
He likes Miss "U", but thinks that she must have a twin somewhere...
His favorite food is watermelon.
His favorite animals are whales and walruses.
He likes to go on walks, especially on warm, windy days.
His favorite day is Wednesday.
Mr. "W" is yours to play with -- please roll out the welcome wagon!

BOBA said...

i can see the steamboat print on the orginal plush le petit elefant bowties... sickk

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