Le Petit Elefant Summer Shop is now OPEN!

Friday, August 01, 2014

It's finally open! Months in the planning with only days to execute, I'm so excited to invite you all to my very first Pop-Up Shop. Step into the imaginative world of Le Petit Elefant as I take over a small part ofWestfield Valley Fair in conjunction with Pop-Ups by SJ Made. The #LPESummerShop features new art prints, stationery, rubber stamps, stickers, mason jars, and more!
Designed by me and produced by San Jose vendor Jiminy Stitch It, I have "Shop Local. Shop Love" Clink tote bags EXCLUSIVE to the #LPESummerShop. I'll be giving away tote bags to the first 10 customers who spend over $25 both this Saturday & Sunday (August 2 & 3). Get 'em while you can! At the end of the month, I'll put the remaining for sale online.
Preparing for & opening the pop-up was probably one of the toughest challenges I've had as a small business owner, and this wall is the element I'm most proud of. Come by the shop, take a picture in front of it (or anywhere in the shop), tag me on Instagram (@lepetitelefant , #LPESummerShop) and you'll get 10% off. Weeeee!!

OK everyone, thanks for reading and visiting! I hope you'll come to the shop. This moment is huge for me, and I'm so thankful you're all here to share this crazy adventure.


Alvina said...

This is so cute!!! Love the wall! Wish I wasn't too busy this weekend to go down to Santa Clara!

Best wishes for a successful weekend!

Hello said...

That wall is what made me attracted to look around your shop! Again, I just wanted to say how awesome your artwork is, I hope to stop by again soon before you leave the mall.
I dunno if you'd remember me, but I stopped by on Saturday, wearing my 11th doctor outfit :]

Mari said...

Ahh! I accidentally commented with the wrong Google ID. Anyways, Hi, I'm Mari and I am Hello up there ^

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