Elephant Nature Park part 3

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The experience I had at the park, if you couldn't tell by now, has changed me sooooo much. It represents a haven of growth. So when I left, I found it so difficult to be present. I resented being in Bangkok, which in my opinion is no where close to how amazing Chiang Mai is. Then I went to Ho Chi Minh which is absolutely chaotic and gross. I found myself at a loss, struggling so hard to enjoy where I was. I wrote on my hand everyday until I knew it, "be present." And I found that as I slowly opened up, so did the universe. I buried my missing into my sketchbook & pencil and wandering the city. I knew how much I loved being on a boat so that's what I did! Booked a trip where a majority of it would be spent on the river... and it worked. It healed me so much to be in a place with such strange sights like floating markets and villages. It was almost as if I was going through a mini break up: had grown so much in the relationship, then had to part ways. I became so attached to the park because I thought I still needed it to feel alive and creative, and got over it by filling my plate with other things I love. Elephant Nature Park, you almost broke my heart.

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