The Orchestra Came BACK!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I was already up in the condo when I heard the sweet sound of opera in the air. I looked out into the city from the balcony and saw the source... Live music in the park across the street! Ang libre-libre! Maganda naman! Two free symphonic concerts in one week! I felt like I was in NYC enjoying the summer concerts! Well, I guess it is summer here. Tomorrow marks the Philippines' summer equinox. I will do a bunch of balancing yoga poses to celebrate the day :)

On another random note, I was very productive today! I swam, did an hour & half of yoga, sewed, painted, went to a concert, ate an ice cream sandwich from a vendor (they use pan de sal here it's weird), and overheard someone sing all the small things by blink 182. Of course, I joined in! Na na na naaa na nananaaaaahhh. Oh, and I heard Brian McKnight's greatest hits for the second time being here. I don't understand!!

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