Hidden Cameras: 20 Years of Pixar

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The OG, king of king's concept pastel for Luxo Jr.... YEAH!
Eeeee! I saw these when I visited Pixar 6 years ago. Good to see my old friends again :) Oh, and in the background, you can see the character explorations for Edna Mode.
Baller squash & stretch. Oh and in the background are early sketches of woody & buzz... gahhhhhh..... GEEK OUT!
John Lasseter's stamp of approval on Cars concept art/world exploration! I LOVE IT! I want one :)
Teeehee! Toy Story 2 x-rays :) The piggy one had coins.
Lou Romano. You're my hero. And Teddy Newton. Oh, and Ralph Eggleston. And Mark Andrews. Andrew Jimenez, you too. Ricky Nierva is up there. And Angus MacLane, I still have the sea turtle you drew for me... Nate Wragg also has my love... ok, simmer down, Genevieve.
Incredibles, For the birds, Finding Nemo, Boundin'...!!!


J. Christina Huh said...

OMG. I'd probably flip a shit if I was here!!! Is it a permanent exhibit or a touring one?

genevieve said...

apparently it was in nyc a few years ago and it's making its southeast asia debut in singapore. i don't know if it's going anywhere else but it ends in june! :) it was amazing! definitely go if you ever have an opportunity!

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