The state of my desk

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I guess I was so intrigued by the state of Oliver Jeffer's desk that I thought to take a picture of my own and examine it in a similar way.things to note:
  • a mason jar filled with randomness: 7 bouncy balls, a dried flower from a hike, a piece of confetti from a Flaming Lips concert, a necklace from Greece, twine from the 2010 calendar, rolls of pennies, thread, shells from Philippine beaches and small, green toy soldiers.
  • new card in progress, on screen & printed
  • outgoing orders
  • photobooth strips, including stickie pics from japan
  • my daily, weekly, monthly to do list
  • trusty stamp & pad
work & play balanced & equally represented. key to maintaining sanity in a one-woman operation :)

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