Craft Fair Preparation Demystified! part 2

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ah, hello! Let's continue this craft fair demystifying shall we! (btw, if you're just joining us now, here's the previous post!)

6. Setting IntentionsOne thing that I always make sure to do before any fair, big or small, is set my intentions.

My early craft fair intentions used to go a little like this:
  • make a profit, any profit!
  • have people sign up for the mailing list
  • don't be shy
  • stay hydrated & don't forget to pee!
  • learn a lot! make mistakes!
All very general, but very good to have. I remember on the first day of my first fair, I intentionally didn't put prices on anything to force me to talk to customers. Then as the fairs continued, the intentions became more specific and it became clear the areas I wanted to work on. Now my intentions are more like this (for maker faire, from the photo above):
  • actually venture outside the booth & explore! that requires trust, letting go & energy!
  • tweet & post pictures throughout the day--requires discipline, and it'll be great promotion
  • do not get so tired that it affects your mood and demeanor. remember to drink, take breaks, get rest before & after the show days
  • of course meet new people, make friends, inspire, get press, move beyond just an email/etsy username--make it personal! tell your story and learn theirs.
  • take good inventory throughout the day. you're great at organizing the space under the table, but make it so it contributes to a rhythm and habit of prep, log, change and give.
  • really utilize your helpers! become a better manager and let go of tasks so that you can effectively talk and greet and make sales.
I think writing out intentions is sooooo important. It gives me a focus/foci that isn't merely 'sales.' It's about how to be a better businesswoman, crafter, artist, communicator, manager, etc. You gotta think big picture! which is so important because you have to believe there's a big picture for your craft if it's to successfully become your bread & butter.

I love craft fairs because I get to meet so many people and not only see that they liked something enough to pick it up or buy it, but see WHY. Little known fact: I thought I was going into the plush business. Then I had my first craft fair and to my surprise, my artwork and prints stole all the glory! If I didn't learn that, I probably wouldn't be around. Probably would have been discouraged because no one was buying elephants, and I wouldn't know exactly why.

Craft fairs can be expensive, laborious affairs but I believe they're well worth the effort, stress, everything. So cheers to this weekend! I can't wait!

Stay tuned for the next post about what happens the DAY BEFORE THE FAIR! Dun dun DUNNNN!

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