Oh Brother What a World!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The origin of this phrase is none other than the talented Manolo. I forget if I've already blogged about him. Well, if I did already, he deserves a revisit! We became friends in NYC through my bffffff Sandeep. He gave me my first 'break' hehe at the Bushwick Artwalk when he let me share his studio space and display my artwork alongside his. He also let me borrow the phrase 'oh brother what a world' which I use at least 23904802384 times a day. Thank you.
"say something funny"

His personality definitely shines through his art... there's a darker silliness and understanding. I applaud him for perfecting such a unique style :)
"introverting for a living"
"hello clouds"
these two are my favorite
"the vision is free"

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