Letter Translated!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Thank you to Rich who forwarded it to Maki for a lil detective work!

letter says: I want to go to Fugetsu (Okonomiyaki place) in Ebisu-bashi, how do I get there? From Ebisu-bashi, I heard it’s on the South building of the 3rd floor. Thank you.

I think the guy wrote “America” and wanted her to sign her name at the end because whoever helps her will immediately know she is from the US (a foreigner) who is simply looking for a restaurant. Not trying to do shady things etc. which will make the person want to help her. It’s just to make whoever is helping her feel comfortable right away. that's part of the japanese culture :)

Wow. I thought it gave them instructions to walk us there because that's what they did! Oh the niceness of people... I felt the love (especially in my belly full of okonomiyaki) :)

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