Okonomiyaki, the best sushi EVER & other food adventures

Friday, April 09, 2010

Breakfast & cherry blossoms. Family Mart quickly became my favorite one stop shop for my snack & stationary needs.

Tsukiji Market!
One of the largest fish markets in the world. The fish auction was fun to see, but the sushi breakfast at 630am... hands down the most delicious one I've ever had. I never knew eel & tuna could melt. Best 26 dollars spent.

Lip, intestines, cheek, etc. yeah, not really a vegetarian anymore.

Mmmm takoyaki! My first meal of my trip. I didn't know they could melt into delicious gooeyness like that. 3 bucks, baby!

Now this next one was an adventure. Masa, our ridiculous hostel manager in Osaka, suggested fugetsu for okonomiyaki. I tried to find it the last time but couldn't & settled with the takoyaki instead (above). To avoid a second fail, he wrote this letter:
(you get a prize if you can translate it)
and said I could just show the letter to anyone and they'll help. He also told me to sign it, which I thought was strange & then I saw he wanted me to write my name after the word, "America". Hahahahahaha. Please! Someone tell me what it says! Anyway, so Lino & I wander & can't find it. I approach a couple & hand them the letter. We basically follow them for a good 10 minutes in & out of the subway and underground passageways, all the while Lino & I completely confused about what the letter says. Haha, I hope they didn't have any place to get to! I wonder how we changed their night by being lost... Anyway, they show us where it is and thank god too because we probably wouldn't have found it on our own. And the meal? It went a lil something like this... HIT IT!

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