Sketches of Japan: Part 1

Friday, April 09, 2010

Kiddies playing at the airport... tons of fun to watch & sketch
Drunk businessmen at the takoyaki bar in Osaka
Osaka castle. So pretty!
Vroooom goes the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo! JR pass ftw!
As I waited for Lino in Harajuku, I sketched the funky & silly fashionistas. An old man sat down next to me and quietly watched. Suddenly this pack of cookies falls on my sketchbook. Rather confused, I thank him. He asks me where I'm from, I answer, and he gets up and walks away. Hahaha. My first art donation!

1 comment:

yft said...

i must have said this a million times already...I LOVE your art! and verve for life. :)

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